Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Help Us Pick a Living Room Color!

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of using bold color in your home. My own home is an eclectic mix of jewel tones and dramatic dark hues. For the most part, I feel like I never go wrong with going bold. It suits my eclectic style. However, I've gotten a wee bit tired of our living room color.

Currently, our living room is painted a snuggly warm shade of chocolate brown. I still really like this color. It's very warm and sophisticated and works well with the natural light the room receives during the mornings. We still get a lot of compliments on the room, usually from people surprised that such a dark paint works in a small space.

Our living room has been this chocolate shade for over two years, but lately I've noticed my style changing somewhat. I'm leaning more toward blues and greys and have begun to feel somewhat trapped by the chocolate brown wall color. As if I must forever and always use warm spice hues and only warm spice hues. Meanwhile, the rest of the house is grey and blue. So, while I still love the chocolate brown... it's the only room in the house that's brown. It's time for a change. After all, it is a new year. 

Here's a look at the room currently: 

I'm leaning toward using grey on the walls, similar to the color we used in our master bedroom or the kitchen. I think it would preserve the cozy-study feeling while blending with the rest of our home. However there's still that one rogue part of me that wants to go crazy and paint the room blue... although I'm not sure if that would be the best call. 

Here are some spaces that have been inspiring me lately. 

What do you think? Go grey? Go navy? Or go bold, like the bright turquoise? 

What color is your living room? Do you have an over-riding color theme for your house? Or do you just kind of go with it? 

All images curated from my Pinterest boards.

Original image sources: 
1. via Style Me Pretty / 2. via Orange Drive Design / 3. via House of Turquoise
/ 4. via Centsational Girl / 5. via Decoholic / 6. via Residence Style


  1. #5 and #6 are my favorites! Light grey walls are my love language. They go with everything and look so fresh.

    1. I'm leaning toward grey as well! I'm thinking I may start the repainting process next week! Somehow painting always seems like a minor task until you start doing it and then about halfway through you think "what have I done??"


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