Monday, January 25, 2016

Surviving Winter Storm Jonas

Thursday, I found myself rushing to the nearest grocery to stock up on dry goods, non-perishables, and extra water. The weather reports were emphatically heralding the imminent arrival of a "historic snow event" for the DC-MD area. One station even felt compelled to begin using the hashtag #TheWinterAwakens, as if some great beast were bearing down upon the Mid-Atlantic. 

On Friday morning, these melodramatic warnings seemed a bit over the top. Mark stayed home since the federal government in D.C. was closing early, along with the Metrorail and buses. By order of the City of Frederick, we moved our cars into the city's parking garages, since our street serves as a Snow Emergency route during winter storms. By Friday night, we only had about two inches on the ground. Wow, I thought, Is this all? 

Saturday morning was an entirely different story. I woke to find our windows half-covered with snow, and something closer to 2 feet on the ground. Our back yard had disappeared beneath mounds of white fluff. Our front door would hardly open for the wall of snow blocking it. Solo stared out the storm door in disbelief, whining sadly. I'm pretty sure I just gaped at the white world outside. Two feet and still coming down! This Georgia girl had never seen anything like it. 

Gusts of wind would burst from the sky, sending billowing clouds of snow-dust skittering across the ground. The icy pellets would sting your cheeks and eyes if you didn't shield yourself in time. The twirling white clouds reminded me of a bride's veil, caught up in the wind. 

It honestly felt like one of those scenes from A Little House on the Prairie (remember those books?) where the family has to tie a rope from the barn to the house so as not to lose their way in the snow. Thankfully, the city went to work quickly clearing the streets-- but the storm kept dumping snow upon us, undoing their work as quickly as they finished it. 

In the afternoon, when the snow slowed slightly, Mark and I ventured into the snow-globe world. The snow came up to my mid-thigh-- almost three feet. We jumped around in the drifts and attempted to make snowballs. Loose and powdery, snow crumbled through our gloved hands. We laughed and panted with the exertion of walking through knee-deep drifts. After all, there's nothing much to do but laugh and make the best of it.

I'm beyond thankful for four solid walls and a roof over head. Thankful too for warm food in my belly, a good book to read, and a husband to snuggle. We certainly appreciate all the city workers and emergency personnel who braved the storm this weekend, so that we could enjoy the beautiful snow! Now to clean up the mess as it melts. 

Wherever you are, stay safe and warm!

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