Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Artwork at the Etsy Shop & Art Giveaway!

I'm excited to announce that Patina & Purl Etsy shop is up and running again for the new year. After the new year, I temporarily placed the shop in vacation mode to catch up on some custom orders and work on the shop's overall look. One of my main goals was to improve shop images and shop sections. 

Additionally, the shop sections now include Original Art, Unique Crafts, and Sale Items. All my oil and acrylic artwork is, as you can imagine, included under the art section while handmade goods such as my knitted scarves and gloves are included under the crafts section. I decided to add a "Sale Items" section for artwork that's available at a lower, clearance price. 

Curious for more? You can visit my Etsy shop Patina & Purl to see more. Also, don't forget to follow along on Instagram @patina_and_purl to stay abreast of shop updates, coupon codes, and giveaway opportunities! In fact, I'm having a giveaway right now-- so don't miss out! The giveaway runs until 8pm TONIGHT with the winner being announced Friday!

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