Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Southern Lady's "Man-Cave" with Chairish

We always hear about the "man-cave" but what about us ladies? Don't count us out! What woman wouldn't  like to have our own "cave" in the house, her own personal space, complete with her idea of the perfect bar. Heaven knows, every wife, mom, and hardworking lady occasionally needs a hideout, a place to just escape the day and chill. If the gents can have a special hideout other than the living room, why can't we?

So when Chairish, an online shop that makes it easy for designers to sell vintage furniture and decor, approached me about creating a style board of my ideal "woman-cave," I loved the idea. Design my own personal bar? Um, of course. I knew exactly what the theme of my style-board should be: 

The Quixotic Southern Lady. 

Who exactly is she? 

She's the one who can name all the players on her favorite baseball team (*cough* Let's go Nats *cough*) and is passionately devout about college football. It's the SEC, baby, or not at all.  She paints her nails in shades of pink and has a makeup bag stuffed with the minty-green Clinique compacts. She knows how to get dirty, to roll up her sleeves and get to work, but disdains to leave the house without a spritz of perfume or a quick dab of blush. She knows how to get the red-clay stains off her white tennis shoes after she's muddied them playing hard with the boys: be it whiffle ball, touch football, or ultimate Frisbee in a hot front yard. She'll never lose the habit of "yes ma'am" or "no sir," ingrained by her parents and grandparents. She knows how to make mimosas and enjoys sangria in summer, but her heart is with the frothy, dark stouts of her Scots-Irish ancestors. 

Most importantly, she's proud of her heritage: of who she has been, who she is, and who she will become. 

I loved looking through Chairish's fantastic selection of items to create this style-board.  I highly recommend checking out their impressive selection of vintage decor, bar stools, furniture, and art! My style-board is just a small taste of what you can expect on their website. If you can't find that unique something for your space at Chairish, then you're probably just not going to find it. 

For my "woman-cave" styleboard, I went with a light, springy color scheme, reminiscent of the peonies, hydrangeas, and snowball flowers that grew in my grandmother's prolific North Carolina garden. My ideal "woman-cave" would be fun and flirty, but still chic-- exactly what you would expect in any Southern family room: nicely-appointed but homey. 

Like what you see? Shop the links below:

These faux metal bamboo barstools would look great in your "woman-cave" or tucked up to your kitchen island. 

I covet this Vintage Mil Baughman Style Round Bar Cart. You could use it for drinks or even a coffee bar!

I've always had a thing for vintage style glassware like these Vintage Lenox Blue Crystal Goblets-- Set of 8 

In keeping with the bamboo theme... check out this Brass Bamboo Style Serving Tray

This stunning blue-and-white floral watercolor is from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Driftwood Interiors. 

What do you envision in your "woman-cave"? What drinks would your serve your girlfriends?
Share the recipes and links below! 

Image sources: All images (except art) via Chairish. Individual links are above. Art image
via Etsy shop Driftwood Interiors, links above. 

Full disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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