Friday, January 22, 2016

Snomageddon Begins....

Snomageddon 2016 has arrived, or as Fox News has termed the event, #TheWinterAwakens. As intense as this storm is supposed to be, that hashtag made me laugh with its melodramatic, Game-of-Thrones flair. Mark and I have hunkered down in our little rowhouse with plenty of blankets, dry goods, water, and books to see us through the weekend. It's highly likely we'll loose power in the high winds predicted for tonight and tomorrow; so if we don't check in to social media, fear not. We're just conserving our batteries! As we speak, my iPhone is charging in the kitchen, just in case.

Wherever you may be, bundle up, stay warm, and try to enjoy this historic winter event! 

See you next spring when we finally shovel ourselves out from under 30+ inches of snow!

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