Thursday, January 7, 2016

Winter Walks

One thing I love about Frederick is how many great walking spaces this little city has. Every weekend, Mark and I love taking Solo for walks in nearby Baker Park, a 40 acre park about two blocks from our house. This past Sunday, the weather was sheer perfection. While still chilly, the sun was shining in full force. Overhead, the sky was not just blue but cerulean. And cloudless in every direction, as far as you could see. 

Every building and tree stood out in sharp relief, as if some cosmic photographer had turned up the sharpness while editing his image "Perfect Winter Day." Even though it was the beginning of January, Mark and I both remarked that it felt like an early spring day. Maybe a very early spring day, but a spring day nonetheless. 

Solo's main objective on these walks is to chase every squirrel and duck he sees. Poor thing is largely unsuccessful in this endeavor. But that doesn't prevent him from whining piteously or barking at the duck quacks. You just get the sense that he's thinking "One day, Mr. Squirrel, one day." 

What's your favorite place in your city?

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