Monday, April 11, 2016

10 Things I'm Going to Miss about Frederick

The past several days have been a whirlwind of moving preparations. Finishing up the house inspections, doing a few repairs, selling furniture, and finalizing our liveaboard boat arrangements. It's a process that is both frustrating, nerve-wracking, and incredibly exciting. I've hardly had any time to stop and think about actually leaving Frederick and Maryland. But today I wanted to celebrate a few things about this wonderful little city that we've called home for the past four years. 

10 Things I'm Going to (Terribly) Miss about Frederick:

Evening walks downtown -- After dinner, Mark and I usually take Solo for a quick walk around downtown. We know the best alley-ways and places to stroll. We've gotten to know the neighbors and at least are on friendly-waving-terms with most of them. It's a simple little ritual that I will miss. 

Lunches on the canal - One of Frederick's main attributes is the number of fantastic restaurants downtown. Several of them are situated on the Carroll Creek Canal. Eating Saturday lunches on the patios, listening to the ducks quack and birds twitter will be greatly missed. One of our favorites is Doner Bistro, a German restaurant with a bit of Greek and Turkish flair. You haven't lived until you've tasted bratwurst in curry sauce. 

Hearing the carillon bells from my patio -- On Sundays, Mark and I like to eat lunch on the patio, if the weather is good. Seated at our tiny bistro set, we can enjoy some warm sunshine and listen to the distant tolling of the Frederick church bells and sometimes, the carillon (bell tower) at Baker Park. Every time, I feel like I've been transported to some other country. 

Trail runs at Gambrill State Park -- Another great thing about Frederick: the mountains are about five minutes away. Gambrill State Park is one of our favorite places for an impromptu camping trip or a quick evening trail run. I'm sure we'll be coming back to go camping in the future! 

Drinks at our local brewpub -- The first restaurant we visited downtown was Brewer's Alley. They have the best food and drinks. Seriously, if you're ever in town, go to Brewer's Alley and order their fish tacos. Or if fish isn't your thing... Aloha pizza. I'm telling you, you won't regret it. 

Watching the ducks at Culler Lake -- Every spring and summer, there are little baby duckies at Culler Lake, one of my favorite spots in the city. I love to take their pictures; Solo loves to bark and chase them. 

All our favorite shops, especially this one -- Frederick has its fair share of adorable boutiques. Our favorite by far is Citizen Frederick, a men's clothing and grooming store where most of the good are handmade or American-made. There's even an old-school barber shop upstairs! It's worth visiting just to smell all the good smells. Sandalwood, cedar, leather-- yum! 

Impromptu milkshake treats from Frederick Fudge and Ice Cream -- Seriously, this place has the BEST peanut butter milkshakes ever. Although this little burger shack came in close second. But Frederick Fudge and Ice Cream is within walking distance of our house-- so it wins the milkshake duel. 

Knowing all the shortcuts and back alleys to avoid traffic -- I've lived here long enough now that if I see a traffic jam up ahead, I know the best alleys and shortcuts to get around it. I'm no longer married to my GPS while driving around town. I actually know my way around. I know I'll learn DC too, but the first months in a new city are always intimidating. 

Our favorite sandwich shop  -- When you drive into the industrial park that houses this sandwich shack, you find yourself thinking "Wait. Is the GPS right?" Or if you're following someone: "Wait... Is this the part where they kill me and hide the body in an abandoned warehouse?" Okay so maybe not that extreme... But AKA Friscos has the best sandwiches, salads, and oh-heaven-why-are-you-so-good-to-us exploded potatoes. I have seriously considered buying some to-go tins of those potatoes just to get me through the first week in DC. 

What are your favorite things about your hometown?

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