Friday, January 25, 2013

2/52 Reasons to Smile ...and Then Some

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So I know you remember my resolution--just a few weeks ago--to take a picture a week of something that makes me smile. If you don't remember, just look here. I started out a week behind and then fell behind even further when two weeks went by and I found myself lying in bed Sunday night, realizing that another week had come and gone without my taking the camera out once. Oops.

I'm making up for it, though. Three pictures in one post. And surely that will catch me up. I know, I know its cheating to do three in one... but...its my blog and if I spin the correct tale for these photos, you'll agree with me that its worth it.

Now for the question you're undoubtedly asking yourself: why am I looking at pictures of Amp and Abi's couch? Well, allow me to explain.

I love this couch. Plain and simple. Yes, I am blogging about my couch. And why? Believe it or not, this couch is a relatively important part of my day. Every day starts there, with a cup of coffee and my latest read. Curled up on the right side, embraced by the curve of the back cushion and arm. A reproduction of an Edwardian style, the couch's arms curve inward, so that when two people sit on the couch, they face each other, easing the flow of conversation. My early mornings (thankfully) don't consist of sitting and talking with people. (Believe it or not, I'm not a morning person. Please don't talk to me when I first wake up--at least not til I've had a cup of coffee. You know what I mean?) Instead, every morning, I wake up earlier than I need to in order to give myself about 30 minutes to sip my coffee, read, and enjoy the milky light of a pale morning sun.

That's why my couch is one of my reasons to smile and why I'm bothering to share it with you. Because this couch represents a few moments of quietness and coziness-- and those are few and far between for all of us, so why not stake a claim to a few moments for yourself? Even if its just ten minutes, a few moments for just you can go along way in starting you off on the right foot or to refuel you later.

What makes you smile everyday? 

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