Friday, January 18, 2013

Scrambling + Scribbling

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Isn't this a great picture?  There's nothing quite like having a free moment to lose yourself in something you really enjoy. For some of us, its pounding out a five mile run; for others, it may be hitting the local mall; or maybe its donning a super man cape and rocking out to your own tune.

You may have noticed I haven't updated this blog in a few days. In fact, I'm not sure that I've been on here all week. Shame on me! I've let my days become filled with work, gym-time, and household chores. My down time lately has consisted of crashing on the couch with my husband after supper, vegging out and watching either The Mentalist or The Biggest Loser. Creative time hasn't even occurred--unless you count knitting one or two rows on my most recent project or opening up this post three times attempting to finish no avail.

So in short, its been a week of veritable, full-fledged writer's block. Hence the post's title...I've been scrambling to try to find something to scribble.

I've also been trying to avoid slapping together meaningless posts--a pretty picture,a few links, a.k.a. nothingness. Instead, I've been trying to focus on posts that contain some quality--a story, a poem, a meditation--something with some creative pith, something of worth...something that readers will actually enjoy reading.

But I've also learned something else this week: that its good to take a few moments during the day and devote them to you. Even if those moments are just your lunch break--complete with your packed lunch, your Iphone or simply a dog-eared book. I think those little stolen moments (even tho they shouldn't have to be stolen) help to re calibrate our inner selves, to give us a few moments of relaxation and a little joy.

As writing is something that brings me considerable joy, I probably should make time every day to participate in it. This blog helps me do that-- and you readers know I love any feedback you're willing to offer--whether here or on Facebook. Next week, I'll resolve to be more disciplined...and not let this blog sit, lonely and abandoned in cyberspace.

So. in short, today may not count as a good post, but it does count as a resolution and statement of purpose. And that is surely worth something.

In closing, here are a few Etsy favorites I've been enjoying:

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