Friday, January 4, 2013

Dear Mister

Dear Mr. Hobbs:
Its a brand new year.
Can you believe that? More than a year ago, we were impatiently waiting for 2012 to start and pass--eager for our October wedding to get here. Now that big day has come and gone, and we're together staring down the long, blank road of another year. And... to continue the little road metaphor I've got going here...I know that there will be unexpected twists, turns, stops, and bumps along the way, but I have to say, there's no one I'd rather face them with than you.

Little things confirm my love for you and yours for me. Like, for example, you dumpster-diving yesterday to find a big enough box to ship this painting. How many guys would sit on the edge of a dumpster in breezy 30* weather, tossing cardboard around? I've never known a guy that sweet. Seriously, never.

Somehow, my making meatball subs doesn't seem to add up to the dumpster level of dedication. But mixing up the breadcumbs and meats really grosses me out... so maybe it equals out a little bit?

Try not to blow off any tall DC buildings today in all this winter wind, please. Then hurry home so I can hug and feed you.

your girl.

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