Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Offices + Tiny Pumpkins

On some days, your morning coffee seems a godsend. 
A godsend with a tiny pumpkin. 

So, lately, I've been contemplating home offices. Good spots and spaces to write, work, design, think....or, the less inspiring: pay bills and budget. 
I see photographs of these inspiring office spaces: desks piled high with books, walls covered in funky artwork, a tin cup brimming with writing utensils, inspiration boards filled with color and fabric swatches.... I picture myself sitting  at that swivel stool, bent over the task at hand, scribbling away.
But I do wonder: do these people really sit at that desk all day and work? Or do they secretly go sit on their bed, at the kitchen bar, or at the dining table? 

Just wondering. 
Either way, the spaces are fabulous. And I have been contemplating just where to put my desk at our new condo. I have a mahogany-colored secretary that my parents bought at Bombay outlet forever ago. It has a staid, serious look that the rest of my life doesn't really possess. And often, its pigeon-holes become stuffed with bits of pseudo-important papers.  (Things you hold onto because you're not really sure if you should throw them out or not... As if somewhere, someday, some government agent is going to jump out of the woodwork and demand that particular receipt.)

So anyway, I'm considering office-placement...
Guest room or dining room by the big window? I'm leaning more toward big window. 

Here are some inspiring photographs
that have me wondering and thinking: 



I completely admit that my version of this will probably lean more toward messily cluttered than creatively messy. I guess we'll find out once I get the desk to Maryland; currently, its still sitting in a corner of my Georgia room.

Until then, here's something fun.
Remember the salvaged chair from this September post? Well, I finally decided how to refinish it. Pistachio green spray paint. Yes.
 Here's an iPhone-photo glance at it. 

Yay green!
That's all for now. I've kept you long enough with all these musings and photos. 
Have a happy day!

PS. I get married to the best man in the world in 11 days! Weet!!!! 
Okay, I'm really done now....
Happy Tuesday!

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