Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend in Photos: Needle & Glass

In gust of cool wind and a gauze of fog, my favorite month has arrived.
To me, October means an official start to fall, hot apple cider, bonfires, paintball, pumpkins, and crispy leaves. This year it means something else: a new start, a new life, a wide turning in the road. 

Twelve days until our wedding!
This smile aching my cheeks and 
the butterflies fluttering my tummy
won't let me forget! =) 

I planned to spend this past weekend with friends in Metter, GA. But when it came time to pack my bags again, I found myself staring at the folded clothes and thinking "You know, I don't want to leave home." So, instead, I dumped everything back onto the floor and decided to hang out with my parents, working on last minute wedding details and just basking in the glow of home. 

And actually, I got a good bit accomplished. Finished painting the popcorn tins (you'll find out what that means later), got the aisle decorations, ordered Dad's tux, and found the missing white candles. Yes, we had missing candles. Their loss caused quite a stir, and, needless to say, there was much rejoicing at their happy recovery. 

Every now and then, home is the only place to be--warm hugs, warm smiles, easy living. I know that  my and Mark's new home will be filled with the same light and laughter that fills this Georgia one. I've always been a home-body. 

A few photos:

finishing a project

Sunday morning

One of my submissions to Instragram's Weekend Hashtag Project Contest

Georgia sunset

Hope you're staying cozy in today's drippy foggy weather. As my mom would say, "take plenty of vitamin c!" And don't worry, Mom, I have been. Trying to ward off the evil of fall colds and allergies until after the wedding and honeymoon. 

See you tomorrow with some DIY projects.
Thanks for reading and happy October!

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