Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Weekend in Photos: Peanuts, Pumpkins, & BBQ

Just a little update: FIVE DAYS TIL MY WEDDING! =)

Okay, on to today's actual post:

This morning, for breakfast, I listened to the new Mumford&Sons while crunching into a fresh Gala from our local farmer's market. The juicy sweetness of the Gala rendering my coffee dark and bitter.

Fall distilled in a moment.

Around here, our farmers market is a source of community pride. If you come visit a Northeast Georgian in the fall, you're going to be dragged, whether against your will or no, to Jaemor Farms. Let me see if I can paint this picture for you: a ruby string of red barns sitting at the edge of apple orchards and corn fields; bins filled to overflowing with fat and misshapen pumpkins; metal drums bubbling  and smoking with boiled peanuts; dust beading in the air; vegetables and fruits laid out in their baskets and barrels, their colorful hides rubbed clean by their prideful growers.

I love seeing parents with their  kids here; is this not a perfect place to take your little one? Letting them run through the rows, picking out their favorite apples and the perfect carving pumpkin, practically sparking and brimming with little-kid-energy. "This one, daddy, no this one. No this one. No this one--Can we get both daddy?? Please, please, please."

 Saturday, my mom, my best friend, and I went to the farm to collect a few pumpkins for the wedding. Isn't that great? Wedding pumpkins! I love fall weddings for reasons like that. I can't wait to share pictures of the ones I painted and then the perfect giant ones I won't touch because they're so perfect on their own. I actually woke Saturday morning with a stress/sinus headache, but after an hour of wandering through the bins and baskets, smelling the cloyed peffume of  boiled peanuts, muscadines, and fresh apples, the headache somehow melted right away. I don't know if it was the perfect fall weather, all the smiling faces, or just being with two of my favorite people. Or the combination of all those elements.

What a better way to spend a weekend at home, right?
Can't wait to share these moments with my fiancee-to-be-husband every weekend!

A few photos to walk you through our beautiful Georgia's Jaemor Farms:

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  1. YAY! I love it! :) I had a great time with you too! It was a wonderful cure to anything bad.


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