Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Those Days

Here are a few things.

First: I believe Maryland drivers do not know how to merge. Because its happened twice now. There I am, entering the highway. The lady in the sedan to my left has TWO clear lanes into which she can move. But does she? Oh no. She must particularly like the far right lane....and proceeds to run me and the car behind me onto the shoulder.

Second: Apparently today was rude-impatience day at Target. I used one of my giftcards to buy another set of our dinner plates. Standing in the aisle, legs akimbo, attempting to heave this huge box into my buggy-- and let me interrupt myself here, it is called a buggy. In the South we call "grocery carts" buggies...and you Marylanders boast yourselves to be Southerners so don't look at me askance when I use the word "buggy." Instead, adopt it along with the "bless her hearts" and strong sweet tea.


I had this ridiculously heavy box in my arms. Sweat is beading on my forehead. And from behind me, I hear this noise...something akin to strangulation. I turned around in time to see a lady shoving her "buggy" around the corner in a stomping fit of exasperation since I was blocking her way past me in the aisle, apparently. Because I intentionally struggled with the box. Of course.

I quickly realized what today was shaping up to be. One of "those days"--where things go wrong, and people are rude, and drivers are oblivious.

So what'd I do? I finished my shopping, drove home (still using the GPS since I haven't completely figured my way around yet), and made a cup of coffee before finishing my tasks for the day.

Sometimes you just need to sit, pause, and take a breath.

Those are my thoughts.

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