Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Weekend in Photos: Boo at the Zoo

Despite the approaching storm, which today has arrived in its first rainy, windy wave, this past weekend was absolutely beautiful. The day began with a thick grey sky that quickly brightened into a bright, cloudless one. Judging by Saturday's lovely weather, you'd never expect that every news station was feverishly heralding the arrival of the "monster storm." Is it just me, or do the news and weather announcers take a little too much pleasure in reporting dire situations? They sound a little too excited for my liking.

Anyway, here's another thing you sometimes don't expect: an overwhelming amount of sweetness and love when you move. Before our wedding, when I thought of moving so far from home, I anticipated some severe homesickness and pining for my Georgia mountains, friends, and family. I mean, I knew I'd be fine whenever I was with Mark. But the stints of time at home alone (looking for a job.  Bleh. Hello, anyone want to hire a smart, hard-working lady? Yes?) loomed ahead of me.

Instead, I've found that everyone so far has been incredibly welcoming, going the extra lengths to make sure Mark and I feel at home in this new state. Our Sunday meeting (no, we're not Quakers, that's just what we call our church) greets us with hearty smiles and invitations to Sunday lunch. And here's another example: this past Saturday, a busy family of six took the time to hang out with us newlyweds. So, thanks to the Skillbreds for making our first weekend at our new home and fun, adventurous one.

We headed to DC's National Zoo to take advantage of what is likely the last rays of sunshine we'll see for several days here. I haven't been to a zoo since I was about 7 years old, so I'm not sure who was more excited: me or the four Skillbred kids. To quote my husband: "I'm not sure if I married a wife or adopted a daughter."

So, I figured I would share a few photos of our weekend! Hopefully, this won't be my last blog post of the whole week. But, judging from the creaking of my windows, the wind is kicking back up, and, according to the news channel, Sandy is on her way. If we don't blow away or lose power, we'll be back tomorrow. Otherwise, enjoy the photos until we return--hopefully sooner rather than later.

Happy Monday and happy hurricane-ing! <--- yes, that is somewhat forced cheerfulness. In reality I'm pretty worried! But we're hoping for the best and prepared for the worst. That seems to be all we can do other than wait. Until next time, readers. Wish us luck, and wish Sandy some calm-down pills.

hello leaves

in the butterfly garden

przewalksi's horse

catching butterfles


the tiger walking his beat

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