Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Poem on 12.27

We're still busy with the hustle and bustle
of holiday trips and family time
but here's one of Abi's poems to keep you occupied
until the holidays are over 
and we return with our photos and stories and whatnots.

Its a poem about moonlight and sleep and being snuggled up
to someone you love. 

image via tumblr

Something about
the moon slant
makes the window
casting shards
of light into your room. 

Beams cut
across the duvet,
cool slices of light--

A spark trembles
on your lens, a flash
on the frame-corner,
an outlining 
of cheekbone and temple,
a few hairs catching
the lessening beams
that fall.

that I realized,
chin-stubble brushes
my nose, sweet-
scented breath mingles
with my hair. 

The darkness bends--
the shadows split
from your solidity. 
And you are there,
rendered in silver,
 a trembling light stolen 
from heavenly bodies.

A small trick
of the light--
as my world is 
prismatically broken
and reassembled
by moonlight. 

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