Wednesday, December 12, 2012


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Some things happening currently in the Hobbs household:

Reading: You may remember my whinings and moanings over Philippa Gregory's Wideacre trilogy. Yet even as I bemoan the awfulness, I can't seem to get away from this sweeping English estate. Its one of those series that just absorbs you. I keep finding myself curled up on the couch, nose stuck to the pages, eyes skimming back and forth, back and forth, lost in the story...only to suddenly realize Mark has said something to me...about four minutes ago. My belated "huh?" long after the question has melted back in to the air, unanswered, always draws his sideways smirk.

Watching: Castle. Wednesday comes with back to back episodes of the gorgeous detective and her witty writer sidekick. Its a suitable exchange for our other favorite- the Mentalist. Nothing like some good cop banter and 45 minute murder drama to make supper taste even better.

Listening to: Sometimes, nothing suits quite like Christina Perri. It amazes me how she can adjust her voice to suit any song. Here's my current favorite.

Anticipating: What am I anticipating? Seriously? Must you even ask? I may be the biggest closet Lord of the Rings nerd that has ever existed. I own all the films, including the special edition extended versions. But my love isn't reserved solely for Peter Jackson's film adaptations. No, my affection is for Tolkien in general. I have it all: the trilogy, the Hobbit, the Silmarillion (I dare you to take that one on, Mr. Jackson, think you can handle that epicness?), the Children of Hurin... So, you're wondering what I'm anticipating? Hmm? Really?

Making me happy: Journaling. Hence the above photo. We were standing at Barnes and Noble; Mark's hands in his pockets, head cocked back, probably staring at the florescent above wishing he could leave, me, roving through shelves and shelves of journals--leather bound, hand-bound, ones made of recycled materials... Until finally I picked the most simple, basic one possible. College-rule lined pages, white jacket, a slim gold ribbon marking my last scribbled place. I know a lot of people out there find journaling to be a waste of time, but there's just something about flipping open those pages, crisp and fresh, and just waiting for a flood of vowels and consonants. Ha- you may have picked up on the fact that I love creative writing. It applies to my personal life too--another among the many things I'm blessed to have to smile about.

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