Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wrap It Up

I've been thinking a lot about packaging lately. Yes. In the great whirlwind of things that fly and flitter through my mind... how to properly wrap things seems to be most prominent today. Maybe its the fault of the Christmas season and all the holly-jolly Pins that have been popping up on my Pinterest homepage. Or, perhaps its due to having my own Etsy shop and learning how to package and ship items... either way, packing is my topic for this sunny (again! how lucky are we?) Tuesday.

Being able to attractively wrap and present things doesn't seem that important...until you really think about it. When you hand a product to someone--especially if the item is handmade--you essentially hand them a bit of yourself, something into which you have invested time and effort, something you created. Whether you're a small-time Etsy vendor, like I am now, or a successful small business owner, like I someday hope to be,  you want your product to exhibit care and style down to the last detail.

On the flip side, if the item is simply a gift--whether for a birthday, holiday, or just-because occasion - I believe you would still want to imbue the gift with care and love. It's like saying--See? I love you down to the tiniest detail.

Men--you are exempt from the assumptions in this blog post. I know that if you even managed to find the tape and wrap your gifts, you're putting forth a good bit of effort and love. So, husband, if you're reading this... no, you do not need to emulate any of the packaging ideas posted here. No worries, mister. Heehee.

But isn't the anticipation--holding that shiny present or crinkled package in your hands...just before you slip your thumb under the seal--more than half the fun anyway?

Here are some of my favorite--and relatively simple--wrapping ideas for the holiday season:

Which one is your favorite? Personally, I like the giant pink bow the best!

image source(s): herehereherehere, and lastly here

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