Friday, December 21, 2012


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Today will be a flurry of laundry, tidying, last minute wrapping, packing, and traveling. Mark and I hit the road today around lunchtime--ten hours spent on the blacktop stretching from Maryland to Georgia. I fully anticipate drivers with their fists clutching the wheels--glaring ahead, steering with defensive intensity--as if Christmas itself hinged on their getting home early for the holiday. I may let Amp drive...

This weekend is going to be filled with so many wonderful things that any traffic woes will be worth it. To name a few happy moments ahead: our family Christmas celebration on Saturday, wedding dress shopping with a good friend, hugs from my little nephews--and plenty of opportunities for good food and laughter.

So, I will probably be absent from Amp&Abi until after the holiday. I'm going to take a little blogging break and enjoy the eggnog, sausage-cheese balls, and Christmas cookies to the fullest. (Hmm... Is it bad that I only listed food there? I will be enjoying all the other holiday aspects as well!) But I promise to return with more stories and photographs for you to enjoy...once Santa has come and gone.

In parting, here are a few lovely holiday links for you to enjoy:
a pretty calendar for the new year
the big list of last minute gifts
a hot mug of spiced chai
this winter Pinterest board

Merry Chistmas
and a Happy Holidays
to you all! 

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