Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hunker Down You Hairy Dawg

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I apologize for my lack of creative wit today. But the Georgia girl in me--the one sporting the bloody bulldog fangs--is a bit preoccupied with a championship game. Bulldogs are known for clinging to the throats of large bulls and holding on until they strangle the life out of the beast. Maybe that voracious trait will apply to elephant-bulls today.

GOOOOOOO Georgia BULLdogs!! 

In blog news: head over to the amazingly talented Kinsey Mhire's blog Sincerely Kinsey to check out our sponsor ad there! I'm excited to begin my first tenative outreach into the blogging community; very excited to see how this all works and where it takes us. We shall see! Happy weekend, everyone! GO DAWGS!!

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