Friday, November 30, 2012

To My Two Best Buds

Dear boys:
Today is about you two. Two bouncy, smelly-good, cuddly boys. Except one of you is growing up way too fast, changing from the round-bellied baby you were to this full-blown little boy who runs around, yipping and yahooing, loving things like bugs, dinosaur-trains, cars, fishing poles, climbing rocks, and throwing balls.

It was such a shock, your birth-days. Walking into my sister's hospital room and getting a load of love slammed on my shoulders. Who knew that you could feel instant, powerful, raw love at first glance? You both came into the world blessing all those around you with the realization that hearts can expand and grow in just seconds.

I know at some point--and probably alot sooner than any of us want--you both will grow past the cartoons, little shoes, stuffed animals, and free hugs. So, now, I am  going to take full advantage of those opportunities when I can still scoop you up and swing you around and blow kisses on your arms and tummies. I promise, though, when you're tall and gangly-kneed and trying desperately to impress that pretty, pony-tailed girl over there, that I will be the cool aunt who doesn't do those embarrassing, little-boy things. But please.. don't grow up too fast.

If I could, I would scoot Maryland further down the east coast toward you both. Ten hours away is alot worse than two hours away, but lucky for us, love has an ability to reach across long distances. And I'm already counting down the days toward Christmas with you two and your mommy and daddy.

Love you both bunches and bunches,
Auntie Abi

PS. Jack, I love Dinosaur Train too. Which dinosaur is your favorite? Lemme guess-- Buddy, the T-rex?

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