Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It has been floating around our house lately. Settling upon us (specifically me) and bringing a brief respite of calm. Yet, having faith in a colloquialism is difficult at best.  Well...I suppose the faith isn't invested in the words  but rather the meaning or Being behind the words. Take Being to mean what you will--whether the Almighty, a force within yourself, or simply just another rotation of the spheres. I know what it means to me; find out what it means to you. And here's something else I know: some things just are and cannot or will not ever cease to be. Like the way my soul and spirit and heart feel towards that funny, quirky, sweet man I married. No control--it appeared one day and continues to be there.

Yet, as I fill out countless applications and draft countless cover-letters--each one unique since I believe each one should showcase a different part of your ability to the employer-- and toss them out there into the great cyberspace void.... I wonder if any of these opportunities will ever formulate into a solid, tangible thing. A job. A career. (I'm wearing out the italics button today, aren't I?)  And, heaven forbid, one actually pertaining to my degree. 

But as days of waiting stretch into weeks... maintaining faith in those big black words up there becomes difficult. 

Then again, maybe that's the whole point. An exercise in faith. 

But sometimes you just wonder. 
And wait.
So more. 

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