Monday, November 26, 2012


The belly-stuffing and family time we all anticipated with such excitement and relish has finally arrived and passed. Short weeks and long weekends fill you with relief and satisfaction--only to fly by much quicker than you thought possible, even though past experiences warn you these things are gone almost before they even get here. We're left feeling blue to wake up so early again, smacking our alarms which gloat too loudly this Monday morning. But then, even as we all trudge back to work (or in my case, back to application processes), we still smile to remember the jokes shared, the unabashed and unending video gaming, the hearty helpings of pie, and our hands wrapped around steaming mugs of coffee. All those little, blessed things for which we are thankful. Little things that can somehow are inadequately reduced to a handful of syllables. Syllables that can do nothing to capture the love that swells in the curves and bends of each vowel or consonant.

Home, joy, family, hearth, health, smile, hug, love. 

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And many hearty thanks to those who made it all possible. How was your Turkey-Day?

Let us now flip our calendars in anticipation of the next big holiday and gear ourselves for the rush and hulla-baloo at the shopping centers. And so it begins!  Allow me to wish you the first happy holidays of the season!

As I forgot my camera like a dolt this weekend, here are a few Instagram shots of the feasting and fun.
Coming across the Peaks of Otter on the BlueRidge Parkway

My mother-in-law's cranberry apple crumble-- such a pretty dish!

My husband expressing how we all felt after the feast: stuffed and tired

Have a happy Monday and new week, friends!

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