Friday, November 9, 2012

Pizza Night at the Hobbs House

One thing about this boy of mine. He loves pizza.
He's not particularly picky about it. Just a man of basic, honest tastes. Tomato sauce, strings of cheese, ground beef, the zest of pepperoni--simple things piled together, all you can eat.

 I decided I would indulge his taste buds this Friday night.

I've never made homemade pizza before. Like completely from scratch--crust, sauce, the whole shebang. I was slightly intimidated. Dough does that to me--makes me just a bit quaky. I'm afraid it'll be too goopy, floppy, spongy. Any manner of oddities. I figured I should start with an easy crust recipe. To AllRecipes I went. Of course. If I can't find it in the top five links on a basic google search... I'm not going to delve much deeper. A lazy web surfer, I am. Before Pinterest and did I navigate the web? Oh who knows. 


I found this recipe. Straightforward and quick. Seemed like a good place to start.

It was. 

As you can see, the pizza barely survived the onslaught of hungry husband.
It was worth the calories.

Oh, and before I forget and sign off for the weekend...
Day 9: I'm thankful I bested the pizza crust recipe. I am no longer scared of the dough-monster.

Happy Saturdays and Sundays ahead for you, readers!
Enjoy your weekend.

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