Thursday, November 8, 2012

Littles & Lovelies

My baked apples. From this yummy recipe

Day 8: Today, I am thankful for the little moments that keep life simple and sweet. The warm scent of freshly-brewed coffee blooming throughout our condo. The first burst of sweetness as you bite into a baked apple. The whisper of a kiss on your temple. The sudden gust of a winter breeze, warning that  autumn so quickly ends. The front-door-hug and my face buried in my husband's Northface, as soon as he comes home. A parking lot sparrow skipping close enough to you that you foolishly hope, for a moment, it'll lose its shyness and land in your palm.
Those kinds of little moments. The ones that ring true with goodness.

Some things I'm loving at the moment:

Happy Thursday, everyone! 

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