Friday, November 16, 2012

Dear Mister

Dear Mr. Hobbs: Today's post is a letter to you. Oh the privilege! You should feel so lucky to have a little tiny plot of cyberspace dedicated solely to your handsome, bespectacled person. (Heehee). Here are a few things:

Thanks for bringing me to Frederick; its a pretty town with especially spicy hot-wings. I know I whined and moaned about moving so far away for a good while (translated: a year or two...) but I think its been good for me. Your little supplanted Georgian seems to me doing okay, so far anyway, even if she does get weird looks in the grocery for calling the shopping cart a "buggy." I know we'll put down roots and find a more permanent home of our very own someday... but for now I like our little Maryland condo. Its a happy place.

You know something else? People always say when you move in with someone you discover all their "annoying habits." Well, either you're continuing to disguise them perfectly or you don't have any. Oh, other than leaving your jeans on the floor...and singing way-too-cheery songs just long enough to get them stuck on my head...I've been looking over a four-leaf clover ALL DAY because of you. But somehow that just makes me beam a big dumb smile more so than it annoys me.

And lastly, if you need to knife someone again on Battlefield 3, I recommend RB this time.

Love you more than anything else.
Oh, and is pizza okay tonight?

your girl.

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