Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Photo Reel: Hiking Catoctin (and Giveaway Link)

Unexpectedly, this past weekend brought sunshine and pleasant 60 degree weather. Weather like that in November makes my hubby crackle and fidget, wanting to be outside running, jumping, moving and stretching his limbs in any way possible. I can't say as I blame him. Even my ridiculously pale skin starts to mourn the lack of sunshine once winter begins. And, too, this past Saturday and Sunday may be the last days of warmth and brightness until spring. So, unashamedly, we decided to spend the whole of Sunday afternoon outdoors. 

The above photos were taken at Chimney Rock, a beautiful spot on Catoctin Mountain, located near Thurmont, MD. It was a short 20 minute drive for us to behold this late-fall landscape. The end of autumn is so different from the beginning. Since we are past peak here, the leaves are mostly gone. No more greens, certainly and only a few spots of gold or red that burn all the brighter due to their scarcity. The mountains are mostly colored with brown and black prickle now. But even that bare and sleepy scene is beautiful when viewed from the mountain tops. 

This hike definitely was one of the loveliest  I had ever been on. Or maybe I've simply grown too accustomed to our usual haunts in Georgia and Virginia, overlooking familiar beauties. Either way, it was gorgeous and the pictures do not do nature the justice it deserves. But then again, not many cameras are capable of capturing that scope. 

In parting...
My twelfth day of thanks-giving: 
I'm thankful for sunshine, happy smiles, and also the chance to enter this lovely giveaway posted on one of my favorite-to-read blogs. Here is the lovely dress line from Shabby Apple being used. Check it out if you would like to participate! And, even if the giveaway is not your thing, check out the blog anyway. Its truly a joy to read.

Happy Mondays to you all!

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