Monday, November 19, 2012

Smooth & Jolly: A Post about Food + Frederick

Some decorations from the weekend

This past weekend consisted of jingle bells, nutmeg-sprinkled eggnog, a little Christmas shopping, a little Christmas wishing, peanut-butter-pie planning, Panthers cheering, and a frothing glass of Dunkel Weizen.

Saturday night, my hubby took me on a date to Brewer's Alley, a fantastically yummy restaurant in downtown Frederick. We've strolled past its doors several times and have been meaning to get in there. Thank the starry heavens we finally did! Undoubtedly, its the best place we've dined so far in our new hometown.

The restaurant site originally operated as Frederick's townhall. That was in 1746. Since then, it has morphed from office spaces, farmer's market, opera house, movie theater, and now this fantastic restaurant and micro-brewery where they generously pour tall, frothing glasses of nutty-dark beer. Now, Mark and I aren't really beer drinkers and rarely drink in general. But when you step into a place like this and smell the spice of good food cooking and have a stained glass king-and-stein staring down at you.... you have to try something new. And let me just say, one sip will make you sit up and take notice. It'll be the smoothest, richest flavor that's ever flowed over your tongue.

You're probably thinking "yea, but its probably an expensive glass." Well, you would be wrong, my friend. The homebrew was as economically priced as (and we honestly think perhaps even cheaper than)  the drink menus old standbys. And why you would want grocery-store-quality BudLight when you could have a tall glass of amazing I don't know. At one point during the evening, Mark and I glanced across the room and saw a lady ordering just that. We both felt the urge to raise our glasses and cry "Sacrilege!"

Obviously, we didn't. But still.
Ah well.  To each her own. Everyone has a favorite flavor,  I suppose.

I have now waxed eloquent for long enough about this restaurant. Time to move on to the rest of the day's tasks: more job applications, Christmas wrapping, and laundry to prepare for holiday packing. Woohoo! Only three more days until Turkey Day! Which means hitting the treadmill a little harder in anticipation.

Until next time,

Day 19: Today I'm thankful for a relaxing weekend of fun and laughs-- a perfect way to prepare for the short, holiday week ahead. 

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