Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Weekend: Coffee, Hugs, & Chocolate-y Chips

We're back home from a wonderful weekend of family, friends, a little Christmas shopping, and a lot of laughs. We met my parents in Virginia at Mark's family's home to get the last of my things and the last of our wedding gifts. Often there's nothing better than being with your family and closest friends, drinking coffee and just basking in the simple fact that these people always have your back and always love you. A sheet of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies also doesn't hurt anything. Recipe for a perfect weekend.

Day 5 of thankfulness:
I'm thankful that I haven't been homesick. Yes, I miss my family and Georgia friends very much. But these past few weeks have proven that age-old maxim: home is where your heart is. And while a part of my heart will always be rooted in the Georgia mountain soil, my heart is firmly set with that blue-eyed, crooked-smiled  guy I married.

Mushy, but true.

Tomorrow, I'm going to make these baked apples. Yumminess ahead!

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