Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy on 11.2

What are you happy about?
Here are my things:

  • I finally finished unpacking all my boxes and hanging up all my clothes. This means two things: 1) the guest room is starting to actually look more hospitable and less like a junk room and 2) I don't have to go to the dollar store on the corner (best price on clothes hangars) and have my personal space invaded by all the strange people who shop there. It's a good day here in  Frederick
  • It's getting chilly out, allowing me to wear a hat for the first time all season. Hats, scarves, boots, gloves. Reasons I love fall and winter.
  • The sun is shining outside. Yes, people, the sun. We here in Maryland had almost forgotten what that large, glowing orb above us was called. We haven't seen it in nearly a week. Even tho there is still a good bit of debris lying around, seeing the sun out again seems to officially end the pall cast by Sandy. At least it does to me, here, in my safe condo. 
  • I get to see my family today! My parents are driving to Mark's parents home in VA, meeting us halfway. Well, a little more than halfway for them. It's more meeting two-thirds and one-third way,than it is halfway. But anyway. They're bringing the last of my things---wedding gifts, my art supplies, my knitting needles. On top of all that, some of our closest friends are also going to be in VA this weekend So, in short, it's going to be a great weekend filled with great people and fun things. 
So many things to make me smile!
I hope this Friday gives you a reason to smile, even if for no other reason than the work week being over for a few days.

In parting:

Day 2: I'm thankful for the sweet kiss my husband gave me before leaving for work this morning. It was a perfect way to start the day. 

Happy weekend!

image sources: my own, here, and here

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