Wednesday, November 28, 2012


A little thought for the day.

Lately, the awareness that some things are not worth carrying has become very acute. Some things just need to be set aside, or even tossed far, far away to a place where there are no fears of dust-gathering or unexpected toe-stubbing. Often,I feel that I've evolved, moved on past things--be they worries, fears, or grudges--only to realize I never cast the feeling aside at all. Sure, I might set it aside, but somehow its always close enough for me to be able to reach out and touch, reassuring myself that its still there, picking it back up again out of habit or familiarity.

Its so fearfully easy to become familiar, even relaxed with carrying a weight--small or large. Your body adapts to the presence, and before you know it, you're changing your center-of-gravity, your balance, your walk. Its not until you open your hand and let it go  that you even realize the weight itself, having mistaken it for your own self for so long.

But really-- life shouldn't be laden with things that don't matter.

Rather, I hope I can load my arms with the moments that truly matter: little or big. Little, like my husband's sudden, sweet kiss on my temple; or big, like witnessing my nephew's first days on this wide earth.

Some things are worth holding on to, while some things are not. I'm grateful for what I have learned about telling the difference and yet am daily humbled by how much I still need to learn.

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