Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If the Creek Don't Rise


As part of my "be your own happy" self-improvement goal, I asked myself: What makes me happy? And, if I can... I want to push that question even further by then challenging myself to figure out how to take the things in life that truly make me feel accomplished and happy ...and somehow incorporate them into a career path.

Whew. That doesn't sound easy, does it? But I think its good to have moments of introspection, taking time to question yourself, to see where you stand and what you want to accomplish. Mark and I are still young and hopelessly new at this marriage thing. We're figuring it out in fits and starts, with a good deal of laughter and some tears along the way. I always appreciate when he shares his goals with me--his plans for someday opening a gym or his personal goal of hiking Mt. Rainier -and I enjoy sharing my goals with him. It gives us chances to question each other, help each other see things we may not have seen ourselves, and, most importantly, gives us a chance to support each other. I think together we can make our goals a reality--as much as anyone can. Like we Southerners say: It'll work out if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise. 

But anyway. Here are the things that make me happy, without fail, everyday:

  • being with Mark- obviously. How many of you knew that would be first on my list?
  • creating. Be it knitting, painting, writing. I love the creative process and the feeling of having something of yourself to share with others
  • antiques-- finding, re-purposing, and refurbishing them. Its so fascinating to me to see what stands the tests of time--and to learn how people adapted without the ease and convenience of the technological advances we have now. And I love to take these little timeless pieces--especially if they seem like junk--and incorporate them into home decor, artwork, or even something actually useful around the house. Like an old tray into a message board, a metal desk drawer into a card holder, chipped old floor grates into metal wall art.
  • writing- I know I just mentioned that above-- But I'm going to mention it again, because it really makes me happy. I often jot my thoughts down into poems (note that these are bad, unedited poems) but going back and seeing what I felt and thought at the time...and then taking that and distilling it into something with creative value is a really interesting process. 
  • meeting and talking to people -- I love people's stories, where they come from, what they're up to. That's something I've always loved about the South. People will talk to you; they're willing to share and speak. If you pass someone on the street, they'll say hello and if you're lucky they may even sit a spell and tell you about their day...their week...their year and how their mama's doing. 
  • teaching- I always enjoyed tutoring other students when I was in college. Helping them with their writing or English homework and then seeing their face light up when a certain explanation finally lifted the veil...and the information clicked... that is really a satisfying feeling. 
  • music- Spending time at the piano, playing and composing songs. 
  • horses- Being outside, riding horses, or even the simple tasks of talking to them, caring for them, grooming them. They'll stare with those big brown eyes, slowly blinking their eye lashes, and just listen to whatever you have to say that day. And if you're lucky, you'll get a litle nibble on the sleeve or velvety nose on your cheek. Its no wonder studies have proven spending time with horses to be therapeutic... They truly are good for the soul. 
That's basically what I have right now. I guess most of my interests are creative in nature, aren't they? 
Any tips on career paths from my readers? I'm open to suggestions--always! 

Have a lovely Tuesday! 

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