Friday, September 18, 2015

20 Fall Date Ideas

With the Autumnal Equinox just next week, I've really been in the mood for all things fall lately.  I'm all about knitted blankets, hot tea, and cozy socks-- and have been attempting to force the Maryland weather to cooperate with my fall mood. However, this area seems to want to hold onto summer a little longer, keeping the temperatures in the mid 80's this week. The hubs says I need to just appreciate the sunshine while it lasts and stop trying to force winter upon us. What do you think? Are you chomping at the bit for fall or dreading the end of summer?

In preparation for the upcoming chilly autumn weekends, I put together a list of 20 fall date ideas. This list is a combo of favorite dates and dates we'd love to try. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments-- I'm always looking for fun ways to branch out from our routine.

1. Pack some cozy blankets and go for a picnic in your local park or countryside-- somewhere you can really enjoy the fall foliage

2. Make a boring chore fun-- rake up the leaves in your yard and play around in the leaf piles. Who says you can't act like a kid sometimes?

3. Attend a college football game together. One of my favorite date memories is going to a Virginia Tech football game with Mark.

4. Go to your local fall festival or Oktoberfest celebration.

5. Go tent-camping for the weekend. The chilly night air presents a perfect excuse to snuggle up next to your sweetie.

6. Bake some fall treats together and share with your neighbors.

7.  Have fun together in the kitchen by meal prepping for winter. Fix soups, crockpot meals, chili, pasta sauce... all those hearty winter and fall meals.

8. Go apple picking at a local orchard and bake an apple pie afterward.

9. Take a beer brewing class at a local brewery. Mark and I are actually considering doing this as our anniversary date this year! It's a fun way to learn a hobby together but also supplies you with a possible gift idea for family and friends.

10. Have a backyard bonfire and make smores. Invite some other couples over and make it a party!

11. Host a baseball World Series party together and cheer for your favorite team.

12. Visit a pumpkin patch and then carve a jack o'lantern for your front porch.

13. Get lost together in a corn maze.

14. Visit a haunted house. Again, a perfect excuse to hold hands and stay close!

15. Get some fresh air and exercise together by going for a scenic bike ride.

16.  Pack a few blankets and drive out to the country to star gaze. My dad always said that chilly nights were the best times to see the stars. Let's see if its true!

17.  Fix some hot chocolate, grab your favorite books, and snuggle together on the couch and read. The original version of Netflix and Chill.... Paperback and Chill.

18. Make caramel apples and add all your favorite crumbled toppings.

19. Visit a winery to enjoy the grape harvest.

20. Go to the beach! Believe it or not, one of my favorite times to visit the beach is during fall. The busy touristy spots are suddenly empty of everyone but locals-- a perfect backdrop for a long walk together to just talk and hold hands.

What do you think about this list? Give some of them a try-- see what kind of memories you make. After all, we all get tired of just watching Netflix on the couch. If you have some of your own ideas, please feel free to share. Or, share your stories after you go on one of these fall dates!

Happy weekend!

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