Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall Crafts // Painted Pumpkins (Kid Friendly!)

Pumpkins and mums-- they're fall staples that I just can't imagine not including on the front porch. Each year, picking out the perfect, round pumpkins and the fluffiest mums gives me those happy tummy bubbles. The same ones that come with the first sip of cider and the first crunch of leaves underfoot.

When I was a little girl, I loved picking out the perfect jack'o'lantern pumpkin with my dad. We always went for one with that unique, squatty shape. Perfect for carving a goofy grin. Mark and I don't have kids of our own yet, but picking out pumpkins with my two little nephews proved how special this little childhood act really is. It's a great way to spend a fall weekend with your kiddos: roving through the pumpkin patch or wandering through your local farmers market. There's just something about the way their little faces light up about something so simple. It really just warms your own heart, and you can't help but smile too. It's nice when the biggest worry of the day is whether this fat pumpkin or that funny long one is better suited for a jack o'lantern.

But maybe you don't want your littles playing with knives? No worries. Have them paint their pumpkin instead. In fact, you can pick the smaller "pumpkin pie" pumpkins especially for this purpose. After all, what kid doesn't love getting their hands good and dirty with paint?

Get as creative as you want! You can use finger paint, puffy paint, or even glittery paint. Try out interesting designs with stencils, lace, or doilies to create unique effects. You can collaborate on a pumpkin as a family or give your kids their own little project. Best of all, this project gives your kids the opportunity to be completely creative, to just unleash whatever their little minds have imagined.

 I mean, how often do we get the chance to get good and messy?

And this project isn't exclusively for kids. It's a fun project for a ladies (or guys!) craft night. One of my favorite fall memories is painting pumpkins with my good friend Amber. I had this random idea to use pumpkins in my and Mark's October wedding, but didn't like the fact that bright orange would clash with our color scheme. So, I painted them white and added decorative swirls in puffy paint matching our wedding colors of plum and champagne. Check out our wedding post series to see how my "wedding pumpkins" turned out.

The best part of this fall craft? It's so brainlessly easy. All you need is paint and a pumpkin. You can't really go wrong. The finished product will add a little whimsy to your front porch decor, and your kiddos will be proud of their little contribution. Don't you just love the crazy-green pumpkin my nephew and I painted? Also, I'm pretty impressed with our collaborative effort on this one:

I know, I know. He's a little baby genius. I mean, I may be biased but come on... how could you not just be head over heels for that adorable grin and those grey-blue peepers? We had so much fun! Definitely give this a try.

Some themes to get you started:
- show your team spirit with football themed pumpkins
- use glitter spray paint and lace to get a glam effect
- paint your house numbers on them
- stencil your initials
- go crazy with pattern like these found on Pinterest

Comment below or tag me on Instagram with pics of your painted pumpkins! I'd love to see how they turn out!

Happy punkin pickin'!

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