Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello September!

When I wake up on September first, my brain automatically charges into full Fall Mode. As if I could just willfully fast-forward the last sweltering weeks of summer and plunge straight into autumn's crispy goodness. Like a sienna-hued slideshow, autumn images race through my mind: tailgates, mums spilling out of terra-cotta pots, steamy apple pies, crunchy leaves, rotund pumpkins, cable-knit sweater sleeves, and foaming mugs of hot cocoa. But I've seen enough white-girl memes to arrest this onslaught before I go into a Pinterest- induced, pumpkin-spice seizure.

Confession: I don't even own a cable- knit sweater. 

Yesterday, I found myself whining that I "was ready for some fall weather already!" Mark grinned and shook his head. "I know, I know," I said. "Soon I'll be whining about the cold weather." Autumn is without a doubt my favorite season. But after autumn comes winter with the snow plows, frozen fingers, and salt-stained boots--and I'm not too crazy about that. So, I suppose I can hold it together a little longer and try to enjoy what's left of summer before it slips away for another year. 

I'll just indulge my addiction a teensy bit by burning a fall candle, sweating over a hot latte, and creating a fall mood board. 

What are your favorite things about autumn? 

Image sources (clockwise from top): 
mine // mine // Martha Stewart Mile High Pie // mine  // Lexington Clothing Co // Iopop 

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