Thursday, September 17, 2015

Summer Bucket List, Revisited

Several weeks ago, I shared my Summer Bucket List, a casual list of twenty wishes I had for Summer 2015. They varied from eat a tomato sandwich to ideas for summer trips. While I didn't quite get everything "checked off," I still had a wonderful summer. To be honest, the list wasn't so much a "to do" list as a "just for fun" list. Some of the things happened, and some didn't. Yet overall we had a wonderful summer trying new things and making memories. 

1. Read, read, read.
Success! I intentionally carved out a least fifteen minutes everyday to read, whether it was early in the morning or just before bed. I was able to get through several books for the first time since college. Follow my Good Reads series to see my favorite summer novels.

2. Finish renovating our kitchen.
Mostly a success. The main project is completed, but a few annoying details remain... like outlet covers, replacing the garbage disposal, etc. 

3. Camp at Chincoteague Island and kayak to see the wild ponies.
Sadly, this never happened. My summer was woefully bereft of wild ponies. We did go camping at Gambrill State Park howeveer!

4. Indulge in something sweet at Rita's Italian Ice.
Oh yes! Sweet, sweet success. Maybe a little too much. 

5. Eat clean and green.
Despite the above... I did manage to eat more greens this summer. It's so much easier to eat green in summertime, don't you think? When all the veggies are fresh and available at your fingertips. 

6. Visit the downtown farmer's market.
Even though it's only a block away, I somehow haven't gotten to the market yet. But harvest time isn't over I'm not writing this off just yet. 

7. Have a cookout on the patio.
Does Moes to go count? 

8. Bike around historic Frederick.
Mark and I followed the Historic Bike Tour and discovered so many new places in our little city. 

9. Eat a juicy tomato-mayo sandwich, with a fresh banana pepper on the side.
Of cooourse! Does summer even happen if you don't eat a tomato sandwich? 

10. Experiment with fresh salsa recipes.
Well, I don't know how experimental the recipes got, but I did sample with some fresno chiles and habaneros. Nearly burned our pants off, but hey. 

11. Write several book chapters.
All are badly in need of revision, but I managed to get the page total up to 250!

12. Go for evening strolls around Baker Park.
Solo greatly benefited from this addition to the bucket list. 

13. Locate a Maryland lake perfect for swimming and fishing.
Nope. We did splash our feet in Carroll Creek. Does that count?

14. Build an old-door headboard for our master bedroom.
I ended up going with an old window instead of an old door. Post to come soon!

15. Catch a jarful of fireflies.
Not quite a jarful, but I certainly caught my fair share on our evening walks. 

16. Play a pick-up game of Ultimate Frisbee.
Mark checked this one off for me. If you're interested, there's usually a pickup game every Sunday in Baker Park. 

17. Watch fireworks in the park.
To a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner in which the entire crowd suddenly shouted "O!!" ... apparently a Baltimore Orioles tradition. It startled this Nats fan more than the first firework boom.

18. Go to a baseball game.
Both Major and Minor leagues! Check and check. 

19. Plant more flowers that any reasonable person needs.
Despite Mark's raised eyebrows, I did once again cover the front stoop with flower pots. I know he secretly loves it though. 

20. Try my hand at plein-air painting.
This so did not happen. Ha! Too busy chalkpainting it up at Repurposed & Refined. 

How about you? Did you check off all the items on your summer bucket list? What's your favorite memory of summer? 

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