Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Crafts // Wheat + Berries Table Arrangement

This year, I've really gotten into decorating for fall. I don't know if it's a side effect of being around so many inspiring creatives at the Frederick chalkpaint and antique stores, but I've found myself brimming with ideas for fall decor and crafts.

One super-easy fall craft that I really enjoyed was this Wheat and Berries Table Arrangement. It's incredibly easy and required a few simple materials and just a few minutes of my time. Which, as you all know, easy DIY's are what it's all about.

When picking out my centerpiece look, I decided to go with wheat and berries because I wanted to get volume without a lot of effort. I'm no florist, so my flower arranging skills are somewhat limited. I had the turquoise glass container on hand, an old find at HomeGoods.

What You'll Need:
a cute container
faux wheat (varying sizes)
faux berry stems
tiny pumpkins
table runner

What You'll Do:
- Arrange the wheat steams around the perimeter of the container.
- Building upwards, insert the berry stems and then the tallest wheat stems.
- You want the arrangement to build upwards, almost in a triangle shape.
- Fluff to create volume and a "messy" look. You may not go for this look, but I wanted it to look kind of haphazard, as if we just grabbed some twigs and wheat and tossed them in the pitcher.  There's probably a florist out there cringing at my ineptitude right now. My apologies, Anonymous Florist.
- Arrange the pumpkins at the base of the container. Again, try to go for a jumbled look.

This simple design is one of my favorite fall tables so far. I really love the natural feel it has. The rustic table runner paired with the smooth glass and white pumpkins creates an eclectic vibe that perfectly suits our home's decor. Also, an arrangement I don't have to water? Well that's even more of a plus.

Our chalkboard statement wall is the perfect seasonal backdrop. An eraser and a bit of chalk are the only tools needed to create a cute holiday banner. As a white girl, I of course had to represent my species with a pumpkin spice themed design.

Stay tuned for more fall crafts and ideas. I'll be posting several more over the next few days as we decorate for fall.

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  1. Abi, will you please come to Athens and decorate my house? Love this! Unfortunately, I can see all 52 ways it would go wrong if I attempted it.

    1. Aw thanks Whitney! haha! I wish I could!

  2. This fall centerpiece is so pretty! Thank you for linking up at "A Little Bird Told Me" Wednesday link party! You have been featured on Mama's Happy Hive blog.

    1. Thank you so much-- for reading and for the feature!


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