Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dear Hush Puppies...

Dear Hush Puppies,

I want you to know that I have always been a high-heels girl.

Wedges, pumps, stillettos--I started wearing them in middle school and will most likely be the wobbledy grandma giving her children and grandchildren heart palpitations as I teeter-totter around the assisted living home. My undying love for the high heel notwithstanding, I have to admit that wedging your toes into a sexy little shoe can get downright uncomfortable. A few hours at church is one thing. Eight hours on your feet at work is another thing entirely. And frankly, I just don't think you should have to sacrifice your little toe for style and beauty.

Enter your Allie Dalten wedge heel.

I. Can't. Even.

Those who follow me on Instagram or have spent any manner of time in my presence lately have undoubtedly heard about my Hush Puppies wedges. Here are the two things that everyone needs to know RIGHT NOW about these shoes: 1) they feel like you're walking around on on a cloud, and 2) they come in mint. Yes, mint!

I first heard about these wedges and their alleged comfiness through one of my favorite Instagram feeds @whitv. A Greensboro based graphic designer, Whitney posted a "shoefie" of her mint colored wedges, lauding them as the "comfiest wedges I have E V E R worn." My brain glossed over her caption and focused instead on the adorable mint color they came in. A comfy shoe that was actually cute? Could it be true?

After seeing @whitv's post, I ordered my own pair. Hey, I'll just return them if they don't work out, I thought to myself. The moment they arrived, I slipped them on. I may or may not have moaned "OMG" when I put them on my feet. I do know for a fact that I rushed into the living room and brandished a shoe in my husband's face declaring something along the lines of:

"Mark, these shoes are so stinkin' comfotable! And look! They're adorable! They're comfy and adorable! Do you realize what this means for humanity??"

Between you and me, he did not seem nearly as impressed as he should have. But I didn't care. I knew I had stumbled upon shoe-shopping gold.

To test this seeming miracle, I decided to put the wedges to the test. I would wear them all day at the vintage furniture shop I manage in downtown Frederick. If the shoes could stand up to the all-day bustle of shop life, then I knew they would be keepers. So, what was the verdict you ask?

The Allie Dalten wedges not only stood up to my little test, they performed better than most of my go-to work sandals and flats. These are truly the comfiest heels ever made. I stocked shelves, I moved furniture, I helped customers, I did the books, I stood in line at the post office--all without a grimace of pain. In fact, I didn't think about my feet at all other than to reply to the somewhat comical number of compliments on the shoes' minty cuteness. And frankly that's how women's shoes should be. Why should we have to sacrifice comfort for style or style for comfort? We shouldn't. It looks like (and feels like) Hush Puppies agreed with me. Now, I'm like a born-again wedge fan, practically flinging my shoes at strangers, trying to spread the good news of cute comfort.

So thank you, Hush Puppies. Whatever technology you put into your shoes, it's working. Whatever shoe designer or lab technician gets the credit for this particular wedge, please give them a high five from Abigail in Maryland. Because you have seriously made my day. I mean, come on, I even blogged about it.

From the bottom of my soles, I do thank you.

Abigail Hobbs
a middle-class blogger with happy, cute feet

P.S. The shoes are currently on sale for a great price. So if you want to plan ahead for next summer or happen to live in some sunshiney area, I highly suggest you check them out. Literally and figuratively.

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