Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Day in Georgetown

To celebrate our third anniversary, Mark and I decided to spend a whole day in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.  I had only been there once before-- and very briefly. A quick drive- by in which our guide basically shouted "There's Washington Harbor and up there's Georgetown." So, we decided to take a daytrip to this beautiful neighborhood and experience it's great shopping, great food, and great scenery. 
We strolled its busy streets, popping in and out of the boutiques, antique markets, and shops, and then ate lunch at a restaurant called Old Glory BBQ. I have to admit-- it wasn't the best BBQ I've ever had. We both laughed that we had apparently found the one restaurant in Georgetown that wasn't that great. But a day full of sight seeing, talking, good coffee, and laughter made up for the subpar pulled pork. 
My favorite part? Strolling along the C&O Canal with my husband. Under a warm fall sun, we walked hand-in-hand along the towpath. The sun warmed our shoulders as we talked about life, marriage, and all we've learned since saying "I do" three years ago. I know there's still a lot ahead: a lot of adventures to take, challenges to overcome, and lessons to learn. But as long as holding his hand remains one of my favorite things in this world, I think we'll do all right. 

Do:  Walk the C&O Canal towpath
Sightsee: Visit Dumbarton Oaks and the Stone House
Eat: Tony & Jerry's Seafood Place
Drink: PAUL Bakery... delicious hot chocolate
Shop: countless boutiques... I loved Paper Source and Onward Reserve

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  1. Georgetown is one of my absolute favorite neighborhoods in DC! Love your photos, too. Those sunbeams are on point!


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