Thursday, October 29, 2015

Our Little City Does Fall

The sole purpose of today's post is to inundate your blog feed with photos of fall, fall, all things fall. We're talking pumpkins, leaves, berries, boots, big blue skies, and one cute pup.

Is it just me, or does Frederick do fall especially well? My first ever visit to Frederick was in late September, just a few weeks before my and Mar's October wedding. We walked around Baker Park, enjoying the crisp breeze and colorful leaves. Maybe it was the happy glow that being a newly-wed lends to everything, but I totally fell for the trickling creek, softball fields, and rows of maple trees.

Three years later, autumn is still my favorite season in Frederick. Our main street, Market Street, becomes coated with golden maple leaves while pedestrians bundled in coats and scarves scurry in and out of storefronts. Every porch and stoop boasts its fair share of pumpkins and mums, maybe even a token scarecrow or hooked-nosed witch. The blue sky overhead is just inviting enough to merit a came of catch in nearby Baker Park, but the cool breeze reminds you that winter approaches. The crisp weather makes everyone frisky and excited with thoughts of pumpkin carving, trick or treating, apple butter, and upcoming holidays.  I truly just love this time of year, don't you? 

Here's a few photos, so you can have a little taste of fall in Frederick too. 

What's your favorite part of fall?
For me: boots, scarves, apple butter, hot cocoa, and pumpkins!

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