Monday, October 5, 2015

Dill House Diary // Bathroom Makeover

When we bought our house a little over two years ago, the very first room we tackled was the bathroom. After receiving the house keys, I strode upstairs and told the hideous linoleum that it's grungy days were numbered. Honestly, I'm not sure I could even lived in the same house as that dreadful flooring! As you can see above... yikes. That's all I have to say. 

On the plus side, the gigantic marble shower and bathroom vanity were relatively new-- requiring very little work. All we really needed to do was paint and redo the flooring. Luckily, our family stepped in to help us lay the tile--something neither Mark nor I had ever done before. We chose gorgeous charcoal grey tile with swirls of white and tan running through it. The entire project was a whole family-effort DIY--start to finish. 

We decided to lay the tile diagonally as this gives a small space the illusion of being bigger. For the walls, I chose a warm light brown rather unimaginatively named Brown Alpaca. It's more like the color of coffee with cream. (In my humble opinion, "Latte" would have been a much better name than "Alpaca," but you know Behr didn't ask me personally, so. You work with what you've got.) I also decided to repaint the white vanity in a high-gloss black paint to give it a more classic look. 

Mark and his cousin Trevor laid the subfloor and designed the layout, while Mark's dad cut the tiles for us. Somehow, those three men all managed to fit into that little bathroom at the same time! I don't know how-- but they got the job done. And it turned out great! I was so amazed at what difference those simple renovations made. See for yourself... 

 Since then, I've replaced the blinds with homemade curtains. You can find the No-Sew Tutorial at this older post. I love curtains in the bathroom. Its kind of eclectic but somehow made the space seem more "luxurious" somehow. Maybe it's just in my head-- but I love it. And that's what really matters. If you love your decor and your home, that's what counts. Because after all, you're the one living there. 

There are still one or two little things I'd like to do in there. Namely, replace the sink faucet and hang a new mirror above the vanity. Renovations are somehow never really done, are they? But every week brings us closer!

Thanks for reading!

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