Friday, October 30, 2015

Good Reads // Alias Hook

So when was the last time you went to your public library? Hmmm? I know, right!

A few weeks ago, Mark and I stopped by the Frederick public library and picked up a pair of library cards. The last time I had a library card, I still had to ride in the back seat and had just gotten my braces. I remember feeling so grown up to have my very own library card. It had my name printed on the front and my little-girl signature scrawled on the back. While my teeth are now straighter and my height just barely qualifies me as a front-seat passenger, I'm still pretty excited to have a library card.  There's just something so simple and fun about roving through endless bookshelves, with hundreds of books at your disposal.

Alias Hook was the book I ended up choosing. If you're looking for a funny, entertaining read-- this is the book to choose. Providing a unique twist on the Peter Pan story, author Lisa Jensen relates the story of Captain Hook, the eternal boy's nemesis. The English gentleman turned pirate finds himself cursed to the Neverland after angering a vodoun priestess in the Caribbean. There, he is doomed to play the villain in Pan's fairytale for all eternity. But after awhile, even a villain gets tired of being a villain. Enter Stella Parrish, a grown-up woman who accidentally dreams herself to the Neverland, an act forbidden to adults. Together, they have to figure out how to break Hook's curse before he becomes a permanent figure in the story.

Jensen plays around with  J.M. Barrie's classic in so many fun, surprising ways. Even including J.M. Barrie himself in the story. Ever wondered why Hook was afraid of a ticking crocodile? Ever wondered who the first Wendy was? How about Tinkerbell-- whatever happened to her? Why were there randomly adult Indians on the island but no other grown-ups?
Well, I'm not telling... you'll have to find out for yourself. 

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