Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Morning Dose of Etsy

Maryland woke today to brisk air, turquoise skies, and a bright, clear sun. That rainstorm cut the heat and left us with the strongest taste of fall we've had yet. 
But yesterday, I was grateful to be on the third floor. Watching the rain pour in sheets that made the parking lot an asphalt river bed, I wondered if I should warn Mark to begin building the ark. Our placid little creek swelled into a mini river complete with mini rapids. Today, it gurgles over the tree limbs and debris it hurled at us yesterday. Its only slightly larger than normal now; the tranquil little bubbling sounds so innocent, as if it never raged and ran. 

This afternoon, I'll go around and collect some more Frederick photographs for you so that you really have something to see tomorrow other than a few chairs and vases. In the meantime, here are a few glimpses of the latest additions to my Etsy shop: The Yellow Notebook.

Remembering how much I loved drawing horses as a little girl, I decided to revisit those roots. These studies and sketches (all about 8x8) have been a joy to create. The challenge has been rendering the delicate details of a horse's skeletal structure while maintaining my typical etchy style. I am proudest of #1 and #4.... which is your favorite? 

A few Etsy favorites: 
Hope your Wednesday is bright and chilly enough for boots and a cardigan!

Here's some Brandi Carlile to go

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