Thursday, September 13, 2012

You are My Sunshine

After yesterday's rains, here's a sunshine song for you:  from Schuyler Fisk

The sun burned the rain away; today is blue and green and clear. 
Funny how the sky starts to change, even this early in the season. In Georgia, summer hangs on to our fields and mountains just a little bit longer than it really should. But autumn lets us know she's on her way, at night, when the air turns chilly and crisp. Up above, the heavens turn from that pale, washed-out color into a bright gemlike blue. The fall flowers burst with color--mustard yellows, purples, and reds--in a preview of what the trees will soon rival. In about a month, the whole world will pop. 

I just hope the leaf-change is in time for my wedding...and that I'm in Georgia long enough to see it happen one more time. Either that, or the state of Maryland better hang onto its leaves long enough for me to enjoy them. That's my worry about moving in October: that I'll miss peak in one state and be late for it in the other! I think my soul would just cry if it missed the height of its favorite season. 

For your viewing pleasure: 

Reaching for sunlight

Yellow roses have always been my favorite. Maybe because yellow means "friendship" and that just seems sweet to me. So there's a little friendship rose to my readers! 
What's your favorite rose? Or are you not a rose person at all?

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