Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sister Talk

There's nothing quite like a sister.
And mine did something so sweet that it required a second post. 


Now. (About a month before my new nephew Thomas was born.)

A sister is different from a friend; although I do think a friend can come close to being loved
like a sister. But a sister shares more with you. She pretty much is you, with her genes 
rescrambled. She's the things you want to be and wish to be and could have been. She's you,
born a different time, a different way, a different person. A friend has the ability to leave,
even if they don't want to. But a sister is always there. She's always connected to you; and she
always has your back, because its her back too.

At least, that's how I feel about my sister.
I hope you're as lucky in yours as I am in mine.

So, on to the sweet thing she did:

A knock on the door and the postman handed me a package.
Inside, was a teeny tiny box and the sweetest note welcoming me to my new home.
And inside the teeny tiny box was a teeny tiny origami box that held
a lovely necklace by Origami Owl.
An H, an infinity symbol, and my and Mark's birthstones.
How sweet is that?

So now you understand why today required two posts.
Happy evening!

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