Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sealed with a Kiss

 "Sealed with a kiss" is supposed to be my parting-note for the week. Similarly to my friend over at wit+spice who seals her week with letters, I decided to seal my weekly blog posts with a thank you to the thing(s) that have meant the most to me that week: to an event, an item, a person, an idea that has affected me, made me smile, made me cry, or made me think. From now on, this posts should occur on Fridays...but this Friday (go figure) threw me off due to the epic Maryland road trip.


Its a bit late, but here it is:

"Sealed with a Kiss"

My thank you this week goes out to two things: an item and a person. 
Firstly: to Ipods (or any other MP3 player you may use....or Walkmans if you still rocking it retro-style). While the wind-rush through the car windows has a lyrical quality all its own, driving across 6 states in one day requires a little more bounce and boogie. 

 This weekend's chief driving tunes: 
(Yes, I have varied tastes.)

And secondly but most importantly: to my parents, for making this crazy-long-haul, towing the 21 years of my life we crammed into a trailer. They devote so much of their breath and thought and time to their two girls: one in Dalton and the other in Frederick (soon!). I don't know what I'd do without them in my life and in my heart; if I have even half the dedication that they have, when I'm a parent, I'll be doing good. 

Scenery in VA.
Thanks for reading today, despite my posting-delay.
The days ahead are looming full of cardboard and packing tape, but I'll be back.
Until then, have a happy football-filled Sunday. 

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