Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Weekend in Photos: Cardboard & Styrofoam

The weekend was host to cardboard boxes, Styrofoam peanuts, and the evil shredding packing tape. I set out with such purpose: attack and  pack the entire room...only to realize how many pointless things I own. For example, why on earth do I have so many shoes?? Or scarves?? Or vases?? Yes, people, vases. I packed five boxes of just vases. In addition to the vase collection, I found a random candlestick just hanging out under the bed. No idea where it came from or why it was hiding under the bed. Maybe it felt out-numbered by the vases that slowly and sneakily had been taking over the room.

The mighty sleigh bed has been shoved onto the trailer and all other furniture with it. (Let's not even talk about the dust bunnies discovered beneath that monstrosity.) My room has now been reduced to a bed, a night stand, and my writing desk. All else is en route to Frederick, Maryland. Or at least, it will be this Friday when Mom, Dad, and I hit the well-traveled blacktop. In this past four years, I'm pretty sure Mark Anthony and I have driven furrows into the highways connecting the top and bottom of the South. But that separation only lasts about five more weeks! Thank goodness! It gives me butterflies to think about!

Now comes this weeks task: Pack my remaining belongings and turn an mostly-empty bedroom into something bright and cozy. Let's see if overly-ornate Abi can achieve (and stand) the minimalist style. Wish me luck!

Good bye sleigh bed!

Grainy camera-phone picture of the room being disassembled 

New bed and beside table (a teensy shabby chic table I'm proud of!)

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