Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Weekend in Photos: Call It Home

Today's tune: Feist's Mushaboom, a cute song about "making home from a rented house."

Good morning! Here's a little glimpse of our weekend in Frederick, MD--our new stomping grounds.
Yes, this blog post is being fueled by Caribou black coffee and blackberry-jam toast.

The sign read: Welcome to Frederick, founded 1745 (meaning our new town is older than our country). Yet, my first impression of downtown Frederick was dark. Not bleak, just literally dark. After leaving Georgia at 8:45, we rolled into Maryland  around 9:00. That's twelve hours, not fifteen minutes. We're the Blacks, not the Jetsons. Needless to say, my butt was flat, and my legs were permanently contorted at a ninety-degree angle. It took a few minutes of stiff limping and hobbling, but we finally managed to regain our land-legs and head downtown for a yummy supper at JoJo's Restaurant & Tap House, incidentally the business which sponsors Mark's kickball team.

Saturday found us up to our noses in crates, boxes, and styrofoam peanuts. Thank goodness for big, strong men! It took Dad and Mark a little less than 2 hours to unload the trailer. A task which was epic in and of itself-- I could make an entire blog post about the maneuverings of unloading the trailer-loading the elevator-unloading into the hallway-moving into condo. Thank you, sweet neighbors, for being so understanding of the constant elevator-binging.

But Sunday--Sunday was the fun day. Following my mom's advice, we didn't bother unpacking anything else. "Ya'll have fun today; you've got all week to move stuff around and unpack." So, our mission was simple: find your way around town.

We found:

  • two ways downtown
  • the best hotwings in town
  • a park with an abundance of willows--for me to sit under
  • the nearest grocery 
  • the nearest Aldi's--because we are refuse to pay the price the above grocery store demands for its lettuce and chicken and avocados
  • a consignment shop with a purple velvet Burberry coat
  • a hiking gear shop 
  • a biking trail
  • Walmart --because you gotta buy your toilet paper and soap somewhere
So that's us so far-- a pair of love-struck goofs bumbling around our big town/little city. I wonder how long it'll take to call this place home? 

park at sunset

beautiful bell chimes come from this tower



3 little duckies

old footbridge

tiny peek of our condo

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