Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smiles & Pushpins

I'd like to start the day off with a big, hearty burst of:
to a very dear friend (and soon to be cousin-in-law) and her brand new fiancee. This girl is my daily dose of sassy fun, and her fiancee is one of the best guys I know. Part of me would like to pat myself on the back for introducing them, but honestly, my introduction basically consisted of "Hey, my friend Krysten is cool; you should talk to her." God and their genuine sweetness did the rest.
Wishing them many, many happy and blissful years together! 
the beautiful ring. Photo taken by Carla Coleman. 

Just love those beaming newly-engaged grins! Photo taken by  Carla Coleman.

In other news:
I am still attempting to reclaim my room from the post-apocalyptic appearance of the moved-out. I do have a dresser now.  Dad and I braved the dark depths of the storage building and hauled one out into the light. Brush the dust off, and my clothes now have a home other than the closet floor. 
Next just comes the task of making this space seem like "mine" again. The obvious way to achieve this goal: twine and pushpins. 

I'm not sure what to call this other than a photo clothesline. The tactic worked well in past dorm-rooms. Stringing photographs and postcards to a strand of jute twine allowed me to dodge the wrath of student-housing by avoiding putting tape on their thinly painted walls. I'm pleased with the results at home too...especially since they cost me only $2.95. I already had the photographs and other items collected; so obviously if someone else did this, there would be printing costs. But I have to say: $2.95 is a good price to pay for decorating the room I'm only going to live in for a month!

My word-art finally has a home! 

Photos of well...photos

Here a few other easy ideas: Polaroid heart and the Instagram canvas from A Beautiful mess (my favorite blog... to be found here

Do any of you other ladies out there have any good DIY decorating ideas? Any Pinterest pins you'd like to share? 

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