Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wishing on 9.20

Stepping outside, my fiancee says:
Mm. I like this. I'd be perfectly fine if the weather was just
like this. All year round.
Only half-joking, I reply: 
Well, I guess we could buy a bus and just chase fall around the globe.
A pause. 
That's not a bad idea.

It was a boots-kind-of-day. Finally.

 Autumn finally appeared:
spots of yellow and red in the trees,
air as crisp as the crunch of leaves under your heel,
hands wrapped around a steaming mug of black coffee,
cold brass buttons on my jean jacket,
hot apple cider before bed.

But if this Southern girl knows her Southern weather, then summer will throw us one last hoorah before its gone. Let us all know that we live under that rule of that steamy Mason-Dixon line.

I still ran to the closet for my favorite brown boots though; I'm going to take full advantage of this chilly weather, because despite my affinity for humidity, red clay, and peach orchards, I'm pretty sure I was made for scarves, boots, and russet woods.

a marvelous invention: cider in a k-cup.

I'm throwing some wishes down with the leaves on this early-fall morning. 

I'm wishing I could listen to this song on replay all day long. Note: to truly capture the flavor of this post, you should just play that song from the very beginning. Its what I'm writing to at the moment.

I'm wishing I could figure out this gorgeous knit stitch. It looks like its not THAT complicated.... maybe.. hoepfully.

I wish I could make my hair do this. Wouldn't mind if my hair was that color either. I have the genes for it... but apparently they are in hiding. Maybe my kid will benefit from the section of the gene pool that I totally missed.

I wish I could pull off an outfit like this one. Hmm, plaid I can do. But am I brave enough to wear a hat? For some reason, a hat requires me to muster up a lot of courage. Why is that?

But perhaps, most importantly, I'm wishing I was driving on highway 81, headed down South to be with some of the best people God ever created in this big world. They're waiting for us under the tall oaks, on the gravel paths, the little kids running around like the dragonflies that chase each other around the shallow pond. My soul aches and sings simultaneously to be with them all. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow that wish comes true.

Have a happy Thursday!

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